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Compliant Global Elevates NYC Tartan Week Experience With Exclusive Mobile App

In the bustling metropolis of New York City, NYC Tartan Week emerges as a dynamic celebration of Scottish heritage, drawing people together with a...

A Mayoral Proclamation

  As the 25th Anniversary NYC Tartan Day Parade was about to kick off, NYC Mayor Eric Adams presented a proclamation to National Tartan Day...

Dapper Dogs on Parade

The Art of the Kilt

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The National Tartan Day New York Committee would like to thank all the Sponsors whose support over the years have enabled the New York Tartan Day Parade to happen.

Letter from the President

Welcome to NYC Tartan Week

We are all looking forward to seeing you all in April 2022 to celebrate together again. Registration is now open please click the link at the top of the page.

Kyle Dawson

President, National Tartan Day New York Committee

Please click on the “Support us” page for information on supporting the committee and purchasing merchandise
Thank you from the bottom of our Tartan Hearts for your ongoing support