Dapper Dogs on Parade

Who will be top tartan dog at this year’s NYC Tartan Day Parade?


Who will be top tartan dog at this year’s NYC Tartan Day Parade?

They say every dog has its day, but when it comes to Tartan Day, it’s a lucky pup that gets to dress up and march through Manhattan. This year, a favorite spectacle takes to the streets, as the Celtic canine brigade returns to the NYC Tartan Day Parade.

The canine contingent is always a howling success. “Every year I look forward to seeing the dogs,” says Lucy Dunsmuir, who has been attending the parade for more years than she can count. “Adorable dogs briskly moving up the avenue with style and purpose are what I think of first when I think of the Tartan Day parade.”

These dogs are real publicity hounds. Exquisitely dressed and camera-ready, those wearing their finest tartan apparel get to compete for the Best-Dressed Tartan Dog prize, sponsored this year by ScotlandShop. One winner from each category will be determined by the parade grand marshal. The reward: a ScotlandShop Tartan Doggie Gift Bag and eternal glory.

Dogs fitting any of three categories of Celtic canine are invited to register: Wee Highland Warrior Group (Terriers: West Highland, Scottish, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, Border, Skye); Highland Herders (Collies: Bearded, Border, Smooth, Rough, Shetland Sheepdog); and Hebridean Hunting Hounds (Scottish Deerhound, Wolfhound, Gordon Setter, Golden Retriever).


Dressing up your dog? Find pointers on such stylish pet accessories as leashes, collars, bandannas, and bow ties on ScotlandShop’s site.

The dogs are the stars of the show, but bonus points if owners wear tartan too. Those wishing to wear the official tartan of NYC Tartan Week have abundant choices. The first to offer the NYC Tartan Week tartan commercially, ScotlandShop weaves the tartan fabric itself and offers it in a range of styles to suit all customers (dogs included).

“We are all about family and clans, so of course that includes pets, too!” says Emily Redman, ScotlandShop’s international brand manager and in-house tartan designer. “The dogs always stand out — they’re a good bunch to be marching with.” ScotlandShop encourages customers to join them in this year’s parade. Sign up here to march with them and their eye-catching mascot, Tam the Tartan Tailor, in his bright Buchanan tartan suit and hat.

“NYC Tartan Week was the launch of our American adventure. Seeing the Scottish community in the city is the first time we really saw how well-celebrated Scotland is outside of the country,” Redman says.

Dogs that can’t be at the parade in person (so to speak) can participate in a virtual tartan-attire competition. You and your Celtic canine can celebrate Tartan Week from afar by submitting a photo by April 16.

ScotlandShop is proud to be the official supplier of New York City Tartan Week merchandise. ScotlandShop was founded in 2002 in the small town of Duns in the Scottish Borders and offers an expansive array of tartan apparel and textiles. In 2017 they extended beyond e-commerce to open their first brick-and-mortar store, at 10 Queensferry Street in the West End of Edinburgh. With business expanding in the United States, they began taking part in the NYC Tartan Day Parade in 2019, and they opened their first U.S. location in 2022, near Albany, New York. This is ScotlandShop’s first time sponsoring the parade’s Celtic canine brigade. They look forward to welcoming all of this year’s tartan-clad dogs while celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tartan Week in New York City.

Canine or not, they’d love for you to come and join the ScotlandShop Tartan Team marching up 6th Avenue!

Visit ScotlandShop during New York City Tartan Week:

April 13, 14 & 16, 2023:

Pop-up Store & Measuring Service

The Tailor Public House NYC — The official pub of NYC Tartan Week

505 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Appointments are free of charge, and there is no obligation to purchase. Pop in for a chat and to peruse the sample books. You can book an appointment in advance. They also offer a tartan consultation service if you would like to have dedicated time with a member of staff to find your family or clan tartan.

April 15, 2023:

Parade & Merchandise Store

The Algonquin 59 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

ScotlandShop will be selling official New York City Tartan Week merchandise on the morning of the parade at the Algonquin Hotel 59 West 44th Street near the registration area.

Contact ScotlandShop: Email info@scotlandshop.com or call toll-free: (833)-612-0064