Compliant Global Elevates NYC Tartan Week Experience With Exclusive Mobile App


In the bustling metropolis of New York City, NYC Tartan Week emerges as a dynamic celebration of Scottish heritage, drawing people together with a shared appreciation for Scottish culture and traditions. At the forefront of this celebration is the NYC Tartan Week App, skillfully developed by Compliant Global Inc., a seasoned technology firm boasting over four decades of experience in creating innovative applications.

The involvement of Compliant Global in Tartan Week traces back to Cynthia Wright, an avid supporter since 2006. Her dedication intensified in 2016 when her husband, Jonathan Wright, CEO and Chief Architect of Compliant Global, and their two daughters actively joined the festivities. Leveraging Jonathan’s extensive background in technology, Compliant Global found a natural synergy with NYC Tartan Week.

The pivotal moment occurred in 2018 when Cynthia and Jonathan connected with NYC Tartan Week President Kyle Dawson through a mutual friend. During a casual discussion, the idea of a dedicated mobile application for NYC Tartan Week surfaced. Recognizing the potential, Kyle emphasized the importance of an official app for NYC Tartan Week, setting the stage for Compliant Global’s involvement.

Jonathan, with a firm technology foundation extending from the United Kingdom to Pennsylvania, saw an opportunity for Compliant Global to lend its expertise. Renowned for developing internet-based applications for industries such as finance and pharmaceuticals, Compliant Global’s adept team of developers promptly accepted the challenge.

The transition from concept to a fully functional NYC Tartan Week mobile app was marked by meticulous design work and numerous development iterations. Compliant Global’s unwavering commitment to excellence ensured a seamless shift from traditional paper programs to a cutting-edge digital experience.

Compliant Global’s collaboration with NYC Tartan Week extends beyond a singular project; it embodies a lasting partnership. As a dedicated sponsor, Compliant Global pledges continuous support for the foreseeable future. The company commits to enhancing, maintaining, and improving the NYC Tartan Week App annually, guaranteeing its status as a valuable tool for attendees and enthusiasts.

The synergy between Compliant Global and NYC Tartan Week exemplifies the transformative power of technology in preserving and promoting cultural heritage. The NYC Tartan Week App, born from this collaboration, serves as a testament to innovation and dedication, offering a digital gateway to the rich tapestry of Scottish traditions celebrated during this iconic event. As NYC Tartan Week evolves, Compliant Global stands as a steadfast ally, driving the digital evolution of this cultural celebration.